Kerry Alleyne - Dash

Ryan Hunte - Hunter

Roger Lindo - Slim Shady

Barrel Babies

Ms. Chase is the secretary for the Smoking Barrels group, and deals with the administrative work. Rashida joined the team in 2015, and is a valuable asset to the Smoking Barrels group. She travels with the group and manages team affairs as well as work with the Project Manager with match logistics.

Dwain Carter - Verone

Smoking Barrels' support group. These young ladies are very important to the smooth operation of Smoking Barrels' matches. They assist with patching and stage reset and ensure that their respective stages are ready for the next competitor in a very efficient manner.

​Team Young Gunz, was conceptulised in 2018 with a view to create an additional outlet for competitive, handgun/pistol shooting, in  Barbados.
The aim is to continue to offer International Practical Shooting Confederation (I.P.S.C) sanctioned competitions, which allows competitors to strategically engage targets during various courses of fire. 
The group has built on the success of other groups, which have managed to recruit, train and prepare new shooters for competition and has decided to provide another Level III competition, for locals, and foreign competitors, to showcase their skills.

In February of 2019, The Young Gunz successfully hosted it's first IPSC match, a Level 3, titled The Showdown. Under the auspices of the Barbados Rifle Association, the grueling 12 stage match allowed competitors to not only showcase their mental awareness and physical prowess but also accuracy, power and speed which are the quintessential elements of IPSC.

Kevin Grant - Enforcer

Team smoking Barrels travel all through out the region as well as internationally

Meet the Smoking Barrels' Team

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Kareem Bynoe - Karbyne

Richard Durant - Cordite Kid

​​​Smoking Barrels DvC

Kevin was first introduced to shooting in 2010. He was very excited about competing in various countries and representing his country. His foundation is bulls eye shooting. He would have trained rigorously in order to reach the Grand Master Class in Barbados. 

Kevin directs the Smoking Barrels' matches with the assistance of the Smoking Barrels' Team, the Barbados Rifle Association and sponsors.

Division :- Open / Standard / Production

Richard first started shooting in 2010. He use to watch a lot of shooting videos on youtube and aspired to be a great shooting competitor. He traveled to various areas within the region and internationally, learning from the pros and gaining knowledge regarding stage layout and stage design. He is currently the Project Manager in the Smoking Barrels' group and is responsible for stage design and construction.

Division :- Standard

Rashida Chase - Dimples