The black super squad shirts are only applicable to persons that place 1st in their respective class in a Smoking Barrels event. Any person desirous of obtaining this shirt must first register for a Smoking Barrels event and dominate their respective class in that said event. 

Established in 2010 by Kevin Grant and Verity Beckles, Smoking Barrels has created a new standard of shooting in Barbados. Building some of the largest IPSC stages on the island such as "The Fort", which is a stage mounted on a platform simulating a 2 story house.

For 5 years, we've offered exciting courses of fire both in the IPSC and Static Pistol disciplines. Certified as NRA basic Pistol instructors we also educate and certify persons that are proficient in safe firearm handling, marksmanship and knowledge of firearms.

Certified in various firearm disciplines, we at smoking barrels are always willing to assist in the development of sports shooting.


- NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

- NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor

- NRA Personal protection in the home instructor

- IPSC Black Badge Instructor

- NROI Instructor

- Certified Gunsmith

At present there are 2 Smoking Barrels team shirts. The White Honeycomb team shirt was the first to be created. Any person desirous of obtaining this shirt can contact Mr. Kevin Grant for more information.


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