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On behalf of the Smoking Barrels team and IPSC Barbados, I would like to invite you to attend the Regional Standoff 2019. This match will take place at the Barbados Rifle Association located at Paragon Army Base, Christ Church. This competition is an IPSC level III competition. This competition will span over a three (3) day period, from the 30th August to 1st September 2019. It is always a pleasure having our Regional and International colleagues here on the island to enjoy our exciting competitions, as well as our island's culture.

The Regional Standoff 2019: IPSC level III competition



Welcome to the world of Smoking Barrels


Established in 2010, formed by two shooters, Smoking Barrels has created a new standard of shooting in Barbados. Building some of the largest stages on the island such as "The Fort", which is a stage mounted on a platform simulating a 2 story house.


For 5 years, we've offered exciting courses of fire both in the IPSC and Static Pistol disciplines. Certified as NRA basic Pistol Instructors we also educate and certify persons that are proficient in safe firearm handling, marksmanship and knowledge of firearms.

Smoking Barrels' Regional Standoff 2018 - The Caribbean Cup

 Once again, this franchise was a success. Competitors came from different regions in hopes of dominating the competition. Stay tuned for the Regional Standoff 2019 Match. Do not miss the match of the century.

​​​Smoking Barrels DvC
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