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​​​Smoking Barrels DvC

Welcome to the National Range Officers Institute of Barbados. Our focus is IPSC (Practical) shooting sports.



Kevin Grant

What we are about:

- To assist the development of this shooting sport.
- Offer training for new Range Officers, as well as training for existing officers.
- Track the progress of existing range officers to evaluate aptitude and skill.
- Rank Officers
- Provide the referential information to IROA to support a RO application to become a member of the International Range Officers Association.
- Provide quality assurance for compliance to the latest versions of the IPSC handgun, shotgun, and rifle rules via the decimation of information and updates as well as in the field evaluations.
- Offer services to clubs and organized IPSC events where we provide Range Officers and the organizational structure for Squading and Scoring.

Even if you are not a range officer feel free to contact us for some useful tips on designing stages and understanding the rules of the sport.